Fast, Dependable and Fully Insured!
Lee Williams Stump Grinding is a BBB Accredited Stump Remover in Wake Forest, NC

How We Grind Your Stumps

We use a Rayco RG1672 towed, stump grinder for large and easy-to-access stumps. For best results we require a minimum clearance of 8 feet wide to access stumps with the towed grinder.

For jobs with tighter access requirements we utilize a Rayco RG1625. The RG1625 has a slightly smaller blade but it carries a footprint perfect for getting into harder to reach areas around gardens, landscaping, other trees and can go through standard 36" fence openings/gates. Equipped with rubber tires, our self propelled grinder insures minimum impact on your lawn.

We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Where We Work

We work in Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Johnston, Granville, Orange, and Wake counties. Contact us for a quote today.

-Chapel Hill
-Wake Forest
-Garner and more.